Introducing Lighthouse

Welcome to Lighthouse. Our mission is to contribute to social and ecological sustainability. Transformative research is at the core of our projects at a local and international scale. We connect and support conceptually, methodologically and financially initiatives that give innovative answers to specific sustainability challenges of our time.

Be part of Lighthouse, contribute to more justice in the world.

Be part of the journey to social and ecological sustainability

What is Lighthouse?

  • A virtual and physical place of encounter, exchange, knowledge production, action and development of proposals.
  • A team that works with transformative methodologies under a radically open concept of research, paying as much attention to the process as to the results and involving those affected by the questions we are working on.
  • A net of alliances including informal groups, companies, universities, local governments, NGOs, communities and others, already working on pioneering answers to the social and ecological challenges of today.
  • A virtual knowledge bank in which transformational sustainability experiences, innovative proposals and pedagogically explored concepts are to be found.

What does Lighthouse do?

  • We provide methodological, conceptual and material support to third parties initiatives. We work with them to systematise their knowledge and approaches, and connect them to others.
  • We execute our own projects, in which we to contribute to social and ecological sustainability, developing our methodology and making new connections.

Why do we do it?

  • Because we face a social and ecological crisis of huge dimensions in which uncountable complex challenges at diverse scales are waiting to be solved. We want to make our contribution.
  • Because we urgently need to put at the centre those people that think and act beyond the already known, searching for unseen ideas that may be hiding the key to clever answers for our historical moment.

Lighthouse is part of the Gemeinschaftswerk Nachhaltigkeit. The Joint Action for Sustainable Development is an initiative of the German Federal Government and the Länder coordinated by the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE).

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The Sustainability Trolley

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Barcelona, España
Lüneburg, Germany


Sustainability before 1950

At Lighthouse we have the certainty that our old people have a lot to say, but sometimes they are neither being taken seriously nor heard.

Masculinities in construction

Lighthouse works on translocal projects with part of the team active in Barcelona and another in northern Germany.

More intersectional projects

Lighthouse integrates the intersectional perspective in its project processes, and seeks transformation by taking into account all the dimensions involved.