Anna E. Corral

Project Manager and Volunteers

Anna is a social worker and has worked in the fields of social justice and education. She has also accomplished academic training in philology, education and in social justice. She has been a social justice activist throughout her adult life.

Her PhD in Philology led her through literature and languages to understand that communication goes beyond time, space and words. During her time at university she acquired many elements of the methodology she now uses in the development and research of projects in social sustainability.

Her professional career has included the delivery of training and further education as well as research and cultural (goods) management on both the European and African continents. She has developed and directed social and educational programs for children and young people. During this period she worked with people who are interested in research and active participation in collective social processes.

Anna lived and worked in the Democratic Republic of Congo for seven years. She was responsible for a library for homeless children and engaged young people in the project. After returning to Barcelona, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in “Management and Administration of Cultural Institutions, Enterprises and Platforms” and followed it with a Master’s degree in “Education for Citizenship and Values”.

Following her passion for social justice, she is always on the lookout for a theoretical foundation of social justice that always enables her to keep her mind alert .

In addition to her work at Lighthouse, she works in volunteer management at the Bayt al-Thaqafa Foundation, which accompanies new refugees to Barcelona and its surroundings and helps them settle and adapt to the culture. She also offers volunteer training and participates in a project to help homeless people.

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