Laura Poquet I.

Project Manager and Arts

Laura is a creative person, passionate about artistic expression and experimentation. As an educator she prizes life-long learning, understanding that it not only comes from books, courses and workshops, but from the experiences and knowledge of those around her.

She lives with her family in a rural area, learning and experimenting with the paradigms and practicalities of self-sufficiency. She is currently studying social Integration as well as taking artistic courses.

For 9 years she trained in classical dance and music. As an educator, she has continued her own education through taking courses on educational issues, the multiple uses of playgrounds, emotional education and youth care in children’s centers.

Her work experience is diverse, always within the social and art world. She worked assisting people with mental disabilities and as a playground aide in an elementary school. For three years she has been a resource educator in a rural school, accompanying children in their growth, development and autonomy. From 2017 to 2019 she was part of an association working on gender and diversity issues and carried out participatory research related to social justice with primary and secondary schools.

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