Individual contributions

Do you have a beloved person born before 1950?

Do you would like to take part in a collecting action, so that their experiences, ideas, and knowledge can be captured and shared?

At Lighthouse we have the certainty that our old people have a lot to say, but sometimes they are neither being taken seriously nor heard. As a society we are trying to find solutions to big social sustainability challenges such as racism or sexism or to ecological sustainability ones, like air contamination or abuse of plastic… and we have people next to us, who can say a lot about it.

How to take part 

Take your mobile phone, record an audio or video, invite your Grandpa, neighbour, aunty, or friend to a conversation in which he or she will be the protagonist, the one borne before 1950. You can send us the gathered knowledge to:


Some of the questions that may help you during the conversation with your chosen person born before 1950 are these:

  • When you hear the word sustainability, what do you think of?
  • In which ways was spoken about sustainability at the time you were a young adult person?
  • Tell me about your experiences in relation to this!
  • What does our world need, to come out of this current social and ecological crisis?
  • Which hints do you have for people who are motivated to transform our world towards a more just world both between peoples and between human beings and the planet?

The Lighthouse team…

will gather all received material from around Europe and connect and share the precious knowledge through an informative animated video. Additionally, the team will write some texts about those connected experiences and ideas for it to arrive to schools, local politics or research centres, amongst others. You can read more about how we use gathered materials and about our principle of always respecting anonymity in digital identity in our webpage.

These voices should be heard, we need to learn from our older ones.

Thank you that you help us to gather all this important knowledge.

For any question you find us here: