Here we present the Lighthouse calls and programs.


Global Lighthouse Youth Network for Social and Ecological Sustainabilty. A network that is created little by little, with the participation of young people, individually or by formed groups.

This volunteering is created by the people who join GLYNSES, young people with concern and passion for social and ecological sustainability.

It is a space open to the creativity, initiative and motivation of the participants, a place of meeting, learning, exchange and action, a place to imagine, get involved, create and work for a sustainable world.

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Support programs

Holding the Key 

An annual call, for initiatives working on social and ecological sustainability.

Holding the Key offers support in four directions: economic, methodological, communicative and for networking. It collects and shares the knowledge and experiences of the initiatives and promotes collaborative work between initiatives that may be complementary to each other.

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Open Door

An active call all year round. An open door to learn about and support initiatives working on social and ecological sustainability.

Open Door focuses on collaborative work with initiatives that have experiences worthy of being shared with the world. In this program, Lighthouse also offers methodological, communication and networking support, with the possibility of including financial support.

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