Lighthouse launches a call for proposals to support initiatives that provide a holistic and innovative response to challenges related to social and ecological sustainability.



There are many initiatives around the world that work for sustainability and in which various social and ecological dimensions are connected.

These initiatives can be strengthened through support that enables them …

  1. … systematise what they already know and reflect on it to use it effectively in their work.
  2. … share what they have learned through their experience with other groups of people or initiatives …
  3. … and network with them.
  4. … receive financial support.

If you identify with this call, we want to get to know you, include you in our network and support you, because we believe you can be holding the key to some of the greatest challenges we face as human beings.


In this call Holding the Key 2023, we accept applications from initiatives over the world, which are oriented towards social and ecological sustainability. They can be informal groups, associations, a participatory research project, etc. acting locally or internationally, on one or more aspects of social and ecological sustainability.

Requirements: In order to participate in this call, initiatives must

  • Be oriented towards social and environmental sustainability
  • Be active locally or internationally
  • Be in existence at the time of application and have already carried out some activities
  • Have at least two contact persons who speak one of the following three languages: English, Spanish or German
  • Have an internet-connection and access to digital tools for video telephony. The location of the initiatives does not matter.


We offer financial support, up to 2,000 Euros, for selected initiatives that have a concrete proposal in which to invest this money. For example, we could fund the purchase of tools for the creation of an urban cooperative garden or the printing of posters for an anti-racism awareness-raising event – surprise us with your proposal!

We offer methodological support in systematising the theoretical and practical knowledge produced in your initiative through experiences and insights of everyday working together, which is of value to the initiative and beyond to others. For example: through transformative methodologies in a workshop format that can systematise the accumulated knowledge of your experience, and at the same time, generate new perspectives for your longer-term goals. We prepare a proposal of formats, sessions, objectives, and agree with your team what can be most useful. To this end, there is a continuous exchange of information via the most effective means of communication in each case (e-mail, WhatsApp, telephone, video conference, …).

The results are analysed and explained in accessible formats such as articles, infographics or animated videos. These results are carried out and financed by Lighthouse, independently of the 2,000 Euros of financial support.

We offer communication support, to support you in disseminating your lessons learned, your key proposals, your experiences that could be replicated for their great value. We can publish the results of the systematisation of your knowledge on our website, prepare a presentation for a conference or a meeting with the local government, or an awareness-raising action in the public space, among others.

Depending on the type of initiative and the results, Lighthouse organises creative formats of communication and exchange with other initiatives that can learn from yours or that can enrich your team. These may be close in terms of subject matter or geographical area, among others.

We offer the possibility of future collaborations with Lighthouse and the inclusion in our international network of initiatives, groups, organisations and individuals working in a transdisciplinary, cross-cultural, creative and innovative way for a more sustainable future.

Steps and Dates

  1. Download and fill in the questionnaire (editable PDF document) in one of the available languages: English, German, Spanish.
  2. Send it to contact@lighthouse.globalbefore 30.04.2024, 12:00 pm, GMT. Please indicate in the subject “Holding the Key 2024”.
  3. You will receive a confirmation of receipt by email.
  4. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for a virtual interview.
  5. Interviews can be conducted in English, German or Spanish. The time provided for each initiative is 45 minutes maximum.
  6. The selected applications will be informed before the 08.05.2024.
  7. The initiative will be contacted by Lighthouse before the 15.05.2024. Then we will agree upon the support plan, and virtual or face-to-face meetings will be arranged to sketch and schedule the other types of support. During the support process, the money will be transferred as the financial support part, which will be formalised with the signature of a receipt.
  8. The money of the financial support must be used within the time of the accompaniment process, presenting the corresponding invoices. If the initiative has no access to invoices Lighthouse will try to find alternative solutions.
  9. During the support process the initiative will receive training, support in content creation, etc. (according to each agreed plan), in addition to a final summary document, which are part of the support program and do not have any cost for the selected initiative.
  10. After our work with the initiative finishes, if the selected initiative wants it, we keep their contact details and they might be contacted in the future to invite them to further collaboration, e.g. meeting other initiatives that would like to exchange experiences, apply for further funding in other programmes or take part in a workshop.
  11. Selected candidates will not be eligible for future Holding the Key Calls.
  12. If you have any questions related to this call, please do not hesitate to contact us: contact@lighthouse.global