Mapping Initiatives is a Lighthouse program that is open year-round, to give visibility to initiatives over the world, that provide an innovative response to challenges related to social and ecological sustainability.

The initiatives selected for Mapping Initiatives are included in our database and on our virtual map, so that other people and groups can learn about them.


There are many initiatives in the world with great transformational potential that work for sustainability and in which social and ecological dimensions are connected.


Lighthouse offers the initiatives selected for Mapping Initiatives:

  1. to be included in our database and on our virtual interactive map to increase their visibility
  2. support for establishing local and global contacts and networks
  3. the possibility of receiving invitations to participate in meetings and other exchange, training or other activities that Lighthouse may organize

Lighthouse supports creating connections between the selected Mapping Initiatives with other initiatives and individuals. In addition, it opens the possibility of future collaborations with Lighthouse and the inclusion in our international network of initiatives, groups, organizations and individuals working in a transdisciplinary, cross-cultural, creative and innovative way for a more sustainable future.

If you identify with this program, we want to get to know you, include you in our network and support you, so that your experience is known and others can learn about it.

For whom?

In the Mapping Initiatives program, we accept applications from informal groups, associations, a participatory research project, etc. acting locally or internationally. Other requirements for participation in Mapping Initiatives include:

  • Working in an innovative way
  • Exist as an initiative at the time of application and have already carried out some activities
  • Work to include the social and ecological dimensions of sustainability – although applications will also be considered for initiatives that move along only one of the two dimensions, if their innovative potential justifies it
  • Have at least one person on the team, who speaks one of these three languages: English, Spanish or German
  • Having, at least on an occasional basis, an Internet connection and access to computer equipment for a remote meeting


  1. Download and fill in the questionnaire (editable PDF document) in one of the available languages: English, German, Spanish.
  2. Send it to contact@lighthouse.global and indicate in the subject line: Mapping Initiatives.
  3. You will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail.
  4. A meeting may be arranged with the initiative to get to know it better and/or resolve doubts.
  5. The initiatives will be informed of the final decision.
  6. Lighthouse will include you in its interactive virtual map and database.
  7. At a later point, the selected candidates may be contacted for invitations to various events or actions, as well as to propose meetings with other selected candidates in order to allow common synergies that may arise.
  8. Applications selected for Mapping Initiatives can decide to apply for the Open Door or Holding the Key program calls at a later point.
  9. If you have any questions related to this call, please do not hesitate to contact us: contact@lighthouse.global