Open Door is a Lighthouse program that is open year-round to support initiatives that provide an innovative response to challenges related to social and ecological sustainability.

In this way, Lighthouse intends to leave a door always open to collaborate with those initiatives that have not been able to apply for other calls for proposals.


There are many initiatives in the world with great transformative potential that work for sustainability and in which social and ecological dimensions are connected. Lighthouse offers support to contribute to:

  1. systematize and reflect knowledge in order to use it effectively in their work
  2. share their learnings through their experience with other groups of people or initiatives
  3. and establish networks of local and global connections.

Eventually, the initiatives selected for the Open Door program may receive financial support.

If you identify with this program, we want to get to know you, include you in our network and support you, so that all your experience and knowledge can be summarized and communicated and others can learn from it.

For whom?

In the Open Door program, we accept applications from initiatives working for social and ecological sustainability. They can be informal groups, associations, a participatory research project, etc., acting locally or internationally. Other requirements to participate in Open Door are:

  • Work in an innovative way
  • Exist as an initiative at the time of application and have already carried out some activities
  • Work including the social and ecological dimensions of sustainability – although applications will be considered from initiatives that only work towards one of the two dimensions, if their innovative potential justifies it
  • Have at least two people in the team who speak one of these three languages: English, Spanish or German
  • Having an Internet connection and access to computer equipment for remote meetings


We offer different types of support:

Methodological support for the collection of theoretical and practical knowledge generated by the experience, and of the knowledge detected on a day-to-day basis, valuable for the initiative itself and for others who could learn from it. For example: through transformative methodologies, in a workshop format that can systematize the knowledge accumulated throughout the experience, and at the same time, generate new perspectives to establish long-term objectives. Lighthouse prepares a proposal of formats, sessions, objectives, and agrees with the initiative’s team on what can be most useful. To do this, information is exchanged through the most effective means of communication in each case: email, WhatsApp, telephone or videoconference, among others.

The results are analyzed and explained in accessible formats such as articles, infographics or animated videos, which Lighthouse assumes as indirect costs.

Financial support. Eventually, some initiatives may have a concrete and specific proposal that requires material support: For example, the purchase of tools for an urban cooperative garden in a project to support refugees. Lighthouse can offer this financial support in dialogue with the initiative, always within the possibilities of Open Door’s budget at the time.

Communication support, with the objective of strengthening the initiative in the dissemination of its knowledge, key proposals and experiences that can be replicated for their great values. To this end, we publish the results of the systematization of knowledge on our website, we can prepare a presentation for a conference, for a meeting with the local government or an awareness action in the public space, among others.

Depending on the type of initiative, its strategic interests and results, Lighthouse organizes creative formats of communication and exchange with other initiatives to share learning and/or enrich the team. These may be close by theme or geographic area.

Networking support. Lighthouse supports creating connections between the selected Open Door initiative and other initiatives and individuals. In addition, it opens the possibility of future collaborations with Lighthouse and the inclusion in our international network of initiatives, groups, organizations and individuals working in a transdisciplinary, cross-cultural, creative and innovative way for a more sustainable future.


  1. Download and fill in the questionnaire (editable PDF document) in one of the available languages: English, German, Spanish.
  2. Send it to contact@lighthouse.global, with the subject: Open Door
  3. You will receive a conformation of reception via email.
  4. A meeting may be arranged with the initiative to learn more about it and/or resolve doubts.
  5. A time period for the process will be agreed upon and the initiatives will be informed of the final decision.
  6. If selected, a Support Plan will be agreed upon with the initiative.
  7. The money of the economic support must be used within the time of the process of accompaniment of Lighthouse, for the agreed objective and presenting the corresponding invoice.
  8. At the end of the process, the selected initiatives will receive a closing document and an evaluation.
  9. At a later date, selected candidates may be contacted for future meetings with other selected candidates in order to allow for common synergies that may arise.
  10. Successful applicants will not be eligible for future Open Door or Holding the Key program calls.

If you have any questions regarding this call, please do not hesitate to contact us: contact@lighthouse.global

Download the Questionaire

Open Door- Questionaire -EN