Lighthouse promotes sustainability in two ways:

  • It develops its own projects related to social and ecological sustainability.
  • It supports initiatives that work for sustainability and in which social and ecological dimensions are connected.

They can be informal groups, associations, a participatory research project, etc., acting locally or internationally on one or more aspects of social and ecological sustainability.

With the selected initiatives, we develop a partnership through one of our programs oriented to the systematization and exchange of knowledge and its dissemination, promoting networking, making connections between initiatives, in addition to possible financial support for specific projects.

❝Epistemic justice: that is to say, who decides (wittingly or unwittingly) what gets to constitute ‘proper’ knowledge, and who and what is in or out in terms of accessing and defining such knowledge.❞

McDermott, Mark R. et al.. 2020

Holding the Key

Open Door

Mapping Initiatives

These are some of the initiatives that are part of our programs. Click on the names of the initiatives to learn more.

Projecte Sostre 

A volunteer-run initiative in Barcelona (Spain) to combat homelessness by offering temporary residence and accompaniment to men in the neighborhood.


Association in Lüneburg (Germany) that supports the region of Intag in Ecuador by promoting education and communication projects there and also raising awareness in Germany about the destructive effects of copper mining.

Sustainable Solar Hut 

Collaboration with the organization Cocawi, Los Andes (Bolivia). Construction of a solar tent for planting vegetables. At the same time, the project is working on challenges related to food, climate change and social cohesion. Multiple actors are involved and coordinated.

La Fresca 

Ecological consumption cooperative in Cardedeu (Spain) linked to food sovereignty, agroecology and social and solidarity economy. It is a space for socialization and community revitalization.


Organization in Vilanova y la Geltrú (Spain), dedicated to the scientific study, its dissemination and preservation of the aquatic environment, especially cetacean research in the Mediterranean.

Kaadina Makkalu 

The Kaadina Makkalu Initiative, based in Bangalore, South India, supports coffee production and consumption for biodiversity conservation and social welfare by communicating the knowledge of local and indigenous coffee farmers in this regard.

La Estancia 

La Estancia – Guenda Rudxiba Guendaró Stinú, (the right of the people to grow their own food) Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca (Mexico). Cooperative that implements aquaponic and agroecological systems in a population with few possibilities of self-sufficiency in animal or vegetable protein.

Clean Ocean Project 

Clean Ocean Project -Fuerteventura, (Canary Islands, Spain), NGO dedicated to the care of the beaches and the sea through its projects, with the involvement of the population, tourism and local establishments.