Sustainable Solar Tents is the name of a project launched in the Andes, Bolivia, by the organization Cocawi in partnership with Lighthouse. The project has a great innovative potential in terms of both social and ecological sustainability, its transdisciplinarity, its network of actors involved.

At the methodological level, the Sustainable Solar Tents project poses several challenges that are, in turn, a characteristic richness of the project and make it a replicable pilot experience. The main challenge lies in the diversity of actors involved in the project and in the capacity and motivation to work together. The school, the community, the authorities, the hospital, an agronomic engineer and an environmental engineer will share objectives and challenges related to food, climate change and social cohesion of the community. To achieve a nutritional balance with the vegetables and/or fruits that will be planted in the solar tents, taking into account the climatic adversities of the locality and actively involving the young and adult population to alleviate the migration from the countryside to the cities, among others.

The project is proceeding according to this plan:

  • organizational meetings with the Cocawi team
  • purchase of materials for the construction of the tent
  • start of the construction process
  • creation of the communication team of young people

We present this informative audiovisual capsule of the project, to share the moment in which we are.