Projecte Sostre

Projecte Sostre is a temporary shelter project for homeless men. The project is located in Barceloneta, a seaside neighborhood in the city of Barcelona. A team of volunteers, often residing in the same neighborhood, and a social educator, are organized to accompany these men who are homeless.


Projecte Sostre was an initiative selected in the 2020 call for theHolding the Key program .

Throughout almost 30 years of work, the volunteers involved in Projecte Sostre have organized themselves 365 nights a year to offer shelter and accompaniment to homeless men, the residents of the project.

Volunteers and residents share space and time together; during dinner, playing board games, talking, watching television after dinner, … Projecte Sostre has a social educator who, during the week, accompanies each resident individually in different aspects of their lives.

All the people involved in Projecte Sostre (volunteers, residents and educator) know a lot and have a lot to say about homelessness, volunteering, social commitment and sustainability.

During the time of accompaniment, Lighthouse and Projecte Sostre have worked together to gather knowledge and lived experiences, exploring different areas around social sustainability.

With the volunteers they have worked together on a collective mural and an online workshop. Interviews have been conducted with current and former residents, as well as the Sostre network. Finally, the event ‘Sostre Café’ was held with different possibilities, to share some data obtained throughout the support process and to collect new inputs.


Currently, we have reached the end of the Support Plan, the Lighthouse team is working with all the materials obtained, elaborating the final results and audiovisual material for communication and awareness.


We are looking forward to share with the world everything discovered in Projecte Sostre!