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Lighthouse Projects

Sustainability before 1950

At Lighthouse we have the certainty that our old people have a lot to say, but sometimes they are neither being taken seriously nor heard.

Masculinities in construction

Lighthouse works on translocal projects with part of the team active in Barcelona and another in northern Germany.

Invisible Researchgroup

The Invisible Research Group is a transformative research project of Lighthouse currently taking place in Lüneburg, Northern Germany.

Masculinities in school

A boss is a someone who knows how to play football or video games very well. He is not a nerd at school, he is a player.

Antidiscrimination Workcamp

This experience of collective research, reflection and transformation was metaphorically structured as a “laboratory” that gave participants voice, redefined terms, discovered tools, opened doors and raised further questions.

Sustainability without Exclusion

More and more regions, municipalities, and cities are pursuing the goal of sustainability