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The Invisible Research Group

The Invisible Research Group is a transformative research project of Lighthouse currently taking place in Lüneburg, Northern Germany. The group chose this name because they “research what others do not see”, exploring themes related to everyday life and the underlying complex social dynamics. For instance, in one open exploration about the experience of learning German as a new language, issues of discrimination emerged and the group has gained a new and valuable perspective about it.

The Invisible Research Group – Gallery

This group works according to Lighthouse’s transformational methodology guidelines, and further develops them. Some of the elements that have already been experimented and worked with are: research through art, autonomous photographic generative work or collective data analysis. Beyond this, there have been specific actions such as occupying public spaces or communication of project results in a creative form in front of local politicians.

The group has been working together since January 2019. Its participants are all refugee girls from Syrian and Iraqi families that met in a camp in Lüneburg, although some of them are not living there anymore. The girls are between 12 and 17 years old and the number of participants has changed over time, between 7 and 10.

The Invisible Research Group – Gallery