“Exploring Masculinities”

Project of medium duration, in-presence format.

Aimed at young people in secondary education, from 14 years of age. Throughout a 2-3 hour session that takes place at the institute, we work on key concepts and ideas about gender, we approach the meaning of hegemonic masculinity, its subtleties, and how it interferes and affects our daily lives as individuals, as members of an institute, a family or society.

The main objective is to produce, creatively and collectively, local knowledge around the concept of hegemonic masculinity.

The contributions of each group that has already participated come into play, so that what one group says serves as a point of support for a subsequent group. In this way, a fabric of places and contexts specific to the generation of young people is created.

A key tool is the collective mural, on which anonymous contributions are made. Once completed, it allows the whole group to have an overview of the experiences of their peers related to gender norms and impositions.

Each edition of this project concludes with a video to share with other young people, and with the rest of the world, some of the valuable reflections and discoveries made by the youth groups.

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