“Masculinities in triangle”

Project of medium duration, in-presence and/or online format.

Masculinities in triangle is a transformative action research project that offers spaces for reflection and collective learning around masculinities.

Aimed at educators who accompany groups of young people, to participate in a transformative action research project. The groups of young people become protagonists and researchers of the project.

Throughout 4 sessions we will work with the group of educators, based on a creative and transformative methodology, to explore ideas and concepts around gender, masculinities and social injustice, among others. We create enjoyable spaces for reflection and learning, to highlight the strength and determination, subtle and implacable, with which hegemonic masculinity acts.

The sessions begin with a contact with one’s own reality and evolve through a journey of new knowledge, debate and introspection towards possible future actions in the immediate environment of each participant as an individual and/or as a group.

At the end of each session with the group of educators and educators, they are given the proposals to work with the groups of young people, so that during the agreed days (prior to the next work session with Lighthouse) they accompany them in their research process.

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The research actions proposed for the youth groups are based on participatory dynamics that generate reactions and facilitate communication, from photographic techniques, mural drawing, or the free organization of concepts, among others.

We want to work with educators, eager to question gender, masculinity, social injustice and the hidden mechanisms behind it. And of course with a group of young people willing to let themselves be questioned and to participate as researchers in the field of masculinities.


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