Lighthouse works and researches on the interconnectedness of social and ecological sustainability issues, globally and intergenerationally. We aim to capture, collect, connect and disseminate valuable knowledge from diverse (groups of) people, in innovative ways and through new questions, to promote social and ecological ways of living.

In our program ‘Sustainability before 1950’, we collect voices of older people on those of their experiences that can help us in current challenges and issues of sustainability. Through appropriate methods, we collect the knowledge, and make it communicable, of those who have experienced climate change, over the span of their lives. For, it is through the inclusion of groups of people with differing backgrounds of experience that the epistemic and democratic ground for living well together in climate change is nourished.

"Considering the experiences of older people can help us understand and address current sustainability challenges and issues."

We are researching ‘Sustainability before 1950’ in several of our projects: In Barcelona and Lüneburg, young volunteers take the Sustainability Trolley to people born before 1950 to interview them.

In addition to these organized, collective projects, we call on you individually to send us answers to sustainability questions, from older people in your circle of acquaintances.

To perpetuate further projects for intergenerational knowledge exchange on social and ecological lifestyles between diverse groups of people is the goal of Lighthouse.

Also, to strengthen the resilience of our community in the already ongoing climate change. Let’s open (mobile) spaces, where (groups of) people can come together and share their knowledge, experiences, or questions about climate change.

If you have an implementation concept or a desire to do so, write to us: