This network is a team that critically examines situations of social and ecological injustice that have been experienced in the everyday life of its participants. The investigation leads to concrete measures that are planned and carried out collectively.

Groups of young people from different backgrounds get together in Barcelona and the surrounding area. The groups are comprised of young people between the ages of 14 and 25 from different countries of origin in different personal, family, professional or legal situations.

Lighthouse accompanies the process and facilitates the planned activities with experience, theoretical and methodological knowledge.

The goal is to change society bottom-up, based on living experiences, by generating new, positive experiences.

The first action research group has been established as the first group in the network from which extends the network by forming and linking small, autonomous teams that are coordinated with each other.

There are four dimensions to this project:

Linking life experience with reflection and theory.

By giving each participant a voice, we explore their reflections and offer analysis methods that relate these experiences to current academic theories, taking the individual and personal, and setting it in a greater theoretical context.

Generating transferable, local knowledge on sustainability issues

We work with these groups to co-create local sustainability solutions. These are put into draft proposals to connect with local leverage points -schools, local government, youth groups, etc.- and reflect the issues that are seen as the most urgent in the daily lives of participants and their communities.

Provoking environments that are conducive to transformative and ground-breaking measures

We generate projects that make it possible to invite more people to join the ideas that arise in participatory processes of research and actions. The network is a meeting point and a connection for future multipliers.

Enjoying the process and feeling welcome, cared for and safe at all times.

This network helps with reflection and self-assessment and always starts with complex and difficult to understand situations. At all times, people should feel in good hands and take care of each other in the team to create a work culture that focuses on people.