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That is our international team.

Esther Meyer

Transformative Research Projec...

Laura Poquet Isbert

Arts and Crafts

Maria De Eguia Huerta

Global Director
  • Anna, Project Manager Lighthouse Europe South

    “Working with Lighthouse is always exciting because it poses news challenges. I learn every day. I can contribute not only with my knowledge but, above all, I can contribute with my questions”

  • Esther, Transformative Research Project Manager

    “Interaction with people is fundamental for me in knowledge processes as you gain such wisdom from unique and different perspectives. I am lucky to work with people from diverse disciplinary, professional, or experiential backgrounds and language areas, in science, politics, art, business or civil society, and to do sustainability research together on multiple levels”

  • Laura, Arts and Crafts

    "In Lighthouse I have been encouraged to experiment, learn and share. Lighthouse carries out projects following rigorous and creative processes. It works to make useful contributions to society, researching, creating spaces for dialogue and reflection, and always valuing diversity."