The Association of Alevi Young People in Germany (BDAJ) organized a digital Alevi education week for the first time, with the aim of learning about both Alevi and social issues. This took place over Christmas 2020. As part of this, Lighthouse offered a two-hour, digital and interactive seminar for 40 participants on the topic of How can we help shape a sustainable future?


Structure + Methods

The seminar starts with a short introduction to sustainability.

Then the participants take photos with their mobile phones in the room in which they are following the seminar, which they then show and to which we add further questions.

The seminar works on a question-based basis, with the participants’ own experiences on the subject of sustainability and how they can support each other in the future in doing well for themselves and their environment.

We work in plenary sessions as well as in small groups. We use an external, digital platform for visualization.



The seminar was fun. The nice thing about a transformative, methodical approach is that surprising results come out for everyone. The topic that moved the final discussion was the sustainability of wedding dresses. And whether and how a young community can collectively change tradition.


Photos: How do I help shape a sustainable future?


Virtual Narrative Spaces: When did you experience a moment in which you knew what is good for you and the environment, but were not able to act accordingly due to limitations (internal / external)?