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Our work for Lighthouse not only has an aesthetic function, but also tries to go further and contribute to society, through creativity.

For us, a design works if its visual content communicates, is durable, has prominence and is inspiring, always supported by a solid concept.

We also seek to provoke emotions to connect with the target to whom it is directed, through color, purity and visual synthesis.

Roger Mestres and Neus Pacheco, Neus Pacheco – graphic design




Senan Gardiner teaches courses on Sustainability Activism, Sustainable Communities, and Future Studies at the University of Vechta, Germany.

He is currently researching his doctorate investigating the pedagogies underpinning anticipatory competence, i.e. how to engage with the future.

For the past fifteen years he has worked in the field of community and further education, working with organisations such as Transition Towns and Stop Climate Chaos to inspire communities to envision a more sustainable post-carbon future.

Prior to this he studied and worked as a conservation biologist. His research interests include education for sustainable development (ESD), storytelling and narrative inquiry, community sustainability initiatives, and engaging ecovillages as living and pedagogical laboratories.