The initiative/organization/NGO  Réseau Mikanda, in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, has been selected for the Holding the Key 2023 support program.

They group almost 30 libraries around the country, cataloguing media of individuals or private organizations. They have impacted the work of people engaged in study, research, teaching or development in two ways: with or without the Internet, with or without electricity. Internet and electricity are the main issue to access knowledge in this country. This initiative contributes by opening up and sharing libraries more actively, by digital means.

Réseau Mikanda works between four big cities: Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Matadi and Kananga, each located far from each other. The means of communication by land, air or river have serious difficulties, which is why communication via the Internet greatly facilitates the exchange between (groups of) people.

Réseau Mikanda have knowledge in the techniques of sharing knowledge through the free software that is offered to organize libraries. Through this software, institutions and professionals, as well as students and the population in general, are empowered through the vision of sustainable development. In this way, networking is also strengthened and people’s experience is shared.