Clean Ocean Project

The Clean Ocean Project initiative in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands, Spain) has been selected in the Holding the Key 2022 program.

Clean Ocean Project is an NGO committed to the care and cleanliness of the sea and beaches of Fuerteventura since 1992. The team works its goal to take care of the environment through several projects, some of them are:


Playa Pallet is a wooden litter garbage can made from recycled materials. Placed in several strategic places along the coast, it encourages and motivates people to clean the beaches on a daily basis. By picking up trash found on the beach, it prevents it from returning to the ocean, entangling wildlife and becoming microplastics.

“We are driven by the idea that we are all part of the problem and part of the solution - Clean ocean Project.”

Single-use bags, plastic bottles, food containers and wrappers are used for only a few minutes and are the biggest pollutants in the seas. A sad result of the throwaway mentality that needs to change. For this reason, they launched Clean Business, a certification awarded to companies committed to reducing their plastic footprint and “making sustainability part of the menu”. A Clean Business is one that aims to eliminate single-use plastic and chooses sustainability over convenience. This translates into:

The collaboration between Lighthouse and Clean Ocean Project aims to collect some of their valuable knowledge and experiences in terms of environmental care, local and tourist participation, participatory strategies and effects and consequences of marine and land pollution, among others.


We will be communicating all the findings!