Why you should donate to Lighthouse Global?

Be part of the journey to social and ecological sustainability.

Be part of Lighthouse, contribute to more justice in the world.

Be part of the journey to social and ecological sustainability


Send us an email to donation@lighthouse.global

Donating to Lighthouse means…

-> to contribute to equality and human flourishment.

-> to care for our planet and of our people.

-> to be part of the venture of constructing our common future.

Small team big impact:

Donors search for impact and hope to reach those in need, to tackle the most pressing challenges our environment and society face at the
most innovative possible way. Big donation-based organisations often spend a too big part of their recollected money in infrastructure o
big teams, reaching only a small fraction of those or what really makes a difference. We bridge this gap through cooperative strategies that
foster transformative processes and scaling. These forms of collaboration across geographical areas, sectors and knowledge areas make
our work qualitatively high so that we can spread and share those proposals that are already working, enhancing its replicability and utility,
and thereby creating an exponential effect.

Why donating to us?

Because you know where your money goes to:

just have a look at our projects and selected initiatives or ask us and we can inform you! Our remote, coordinated and optimization-oriented way of working reduces the costs so that more than 87% of our total budget goes to direct support to social and ecological sustainability innovative initiatives.

Because we reach people:

since 2020 more than 1.079 multipliers were educated and people directly benefited, 17.367 people were indirectly benefited or were reached by our programmes, 12 projects were created and 38 workshops were conducted.

Because our initiatives support programmes

Holding the Key, Open Door and Mapping Initiatives are designed to boost those smart, innovative and inspiring groups of people and projects operating as game changers, workingfor a sustainable future.

Because we offer young people volunteer opportunities

for both virtual and presence-oriented engagement, contributing to an active society.

Because we provide knowledge

to universities, schools, decision makers, companies and general society with credible, science-based information and best practices that can be further replied and used.

How we work

  • We lecture at universities, write (scientific) articles, and deliver speeches so that what we learn from grassroots initiatives can be heard at these circles, fostering a real societal exchange.
  • We empower grassroots initiatives; we empower small and big groups of people making a difference in our world and facing sustainability challenges in a creative and successful way.
  • We create spaces for intercultural and intergenerational exchange to take place.
  • We foster innovative, creative, transdisciplinary thinking to solve current sustainability challenges we face as human beings.
  • We accompany outstanding individuals, groups and organizations to help them achieve breakthrough social and environmental impact.
  • We promote education at all life stages. At Lighthouse we stand for science with people and for the people.
  • We integrate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) throughout our projects.
  • We work with non-profits, foundations, corporations, and philanthropists to provide strategy consulting to work aligned with their sustainability visions and together reach scaling environmental and social impact.

In concrete terms

Donating to Lighthouse means to make it possible for
a small village in the south American Andes to build
a solar hut working as a greenhouse in which disabled
children and their mothers learn about water-saving
farming techniques and contributing to food security
and social justice.

Donating to Lighthouse means to make it possible for a
small and smart, volunteers-driven homeless-safe-space
project in a big European city to continue and replace an
old oven and get workshops that contribute to enhance
and strengthen their work.

Donating to Lighthouse means to make it possible for
many boys and young men to participate in a workshop and
reflect about social expectations, masculinities, violence
exposure, and power issues behind their experiences.

Donating to Lighthouse means to empower those working
to stop ocean plastic pollution, causing the death of marine
species by ingestion or suffocation, amongst others.

Donating to Lighthouse means to empower youth. We
offer young people education, help them to engage in
valuable volunteer work for their local community or in
collaborative virtual work as part of a global team, for
instance sharing the sustainability initiatives in their area
no one has “discovered” yet.

Donating to Lighthouse means to empower old people.
We work with old people, as knowledge holders from
whom we have much to learn. We gather their valuable
sustainability knowledge about coping strategies while
we create intergenerational exchange and community
building spaces.

Be part of the journey to social and ecological sustainability.
Join us!