The documentary contributions sent to any of the electronic addresses of will be treated exclusively for the purposes indicated in each call and with the sole objective of being included and analysed in the transformative investigations specified on the home page and mission of our organization.

Lighthouse Global undertakes to ensure the digital anonymity of all persons who appear in the images and sound files entrusted to us.


What is digital anonymity?


Digital anonymity lies in not digitally tagging images and sound files with the identity of the people who appear in them. Following this method, it is impossible to find the audiovisual file with a search by name on the net, and vice versa, it is impossible to find the name of the person by searching said file.

We understand that the people who participate in the projects for which we need these images, give their implicit consent to use the audiovisual, sound or graphic document in the final results determined in each call.

This implied authorisation is completely free of charge and no compensation, payment or indemnification can be claimed in exchange for permission granted to Lighthouse Global to use any freely submitted document.

The contact details of the participating persons become part of our database, managed by Lighthouse Global. This data will not be sold or shared with any other for-profit or non-profit organisation, being only for internal use for possible information on the organisation’s events.

In any case, we have at the disposal of those who request it, a document that guarantees in writing the conditions mentioned above. In this document you will find this same text signed by the global management and by the person referring to the project for which this express guarantee is requested.

In no case will the people participating in the research projects be asked for other information that is not strictly necessary for the correct interpretation of the results, that is: age range, gender, place of origin, place of residence, etc. It is always general data and will not be related to any identity.