GLYNSES stands for Global Lighthouse Youth Network for Social and Ecological Sustainability.


Volunteers at GLYNSES are:

  • Young people between 16 and 26
  • Of any nationality or origin
  • Interested in social and ecological sustainability
  • Seeking to get involved in voluntary work locally, globally or virtually
  • Looking forward to meeting other youth with an interest in social and ecological sustainability
  • Able to have regular access to the Internet for communication

First contact with GLYNSES

Volunteers learn about GLYNSES either through personal connections who are already active members of Lighthouse and have participated in one of our projects or through our Instagram. Our volunteering offers can also be found on our website or on other volunteering platforms.

  • If you are interested in participating, you can download the form that you will find at the end of the post and send it via email to contact@lighthouse.global, with the subject “GLYNSES”.

We will reply to your email as soon as possible and will arrange an informal (video)call to discuss the possibilities for participation in GLYNSES.

How and why?

Volunteers can get involved in two ways:

  • As explorers
  • As active members in local groups

Volunteers can create or join a local group and/or participate individually as explorers, either physically or remotely. In either case, they will be part of GLYNSES and will be connected to the rest of volunteers. Additionally, they will receive information and invitations to online and physical events organised by Lighthouse, such as workshops, actions, etc.

Participating in GLYNSES is free of charge. The work is voluntary and therefore young people will not receive a payment in their individual capacity. However, Lighthouse will support financially —within its capacities and considering each proposal separately— some of the actions organised by local groups, e.g.: street actions to sensitise against racism, collective plastic clean-ups on beaches, etc.


Lighthouse wants to support initiatives all over the world that work towards social and ecological sustainability in an innovative way. To this end, we offer financial support for the systematisation of their experience and knowledge, and the dissemination of their message and online work. We want to find groups, associations and projects that are making a contribution to the most urgent socioecological challenges that we are facing right now. We want their inspiring, powerful, creative, intelligent, transdisciplinary and holistic experiences to be heard, made use of and even replicated.

In order to achieve this, we need volunteers who can act as “explorers” or “trackers”, who can be Lighthouse’s eyes and ears wherever they are, so that they can find projects that may need our support. This support can be obtained through one of our three programmes: Holding the Key, Open Door or Mapping Initiatives.

This form of volunteering is especially important for Lighthouse in the weeks prior to the submission of candidatures for the annual call of Holding the Key. However, the contributions of discoverers are welcome throughout the whole year.

As a young voluntary explorer, you will be proposing and working on the topics you think need attention on the way towards socioecological sustainability. Let’s spread the power to create a sustainable agenda!
Your perspective on which are the most urgent and relevant topics for your region is key. In addition, if you are particularly interested or concerned about a specific dimension of sustainability regardless of your geographical area, you will be able to find initiatives through an online search.

Volunteers in Local Groups

Another way of participating in GLYNSES is by becoming an active member of a local group.

Lighthouse supports local groups who carry out specific actions in their regions to promote social and ecological sustainability. The type of support will be agreed upon by the people who initiate and coordinate these actions. It could be in the form of occasional economic support, training on specific topics, dissemination of the results of these actions to increase their impact, etc.



Participating in GLYNSES offers different opportunities for young people:

  • Connecting with other young people who are actively interested in working towards social and ecological sustainability at a local and an international level.
  • Receiving invitations to different forms of training courses on participatory research, raising awareness or social dimensions of sustainability.
  • Receiving proposals for meetings and participation in other Lighthouse projects

Connection, Communication, Encounter

The language of communication at GLYNSES is English, although there could be others depending on the predominant language of the region.

GLYNSES is connected through:

  • The Lighthouse website
  • E-mail: bimonthly newsletter, among others
  • Lighthouse Instagram account
  • In the future, and together with our young volunteers, a blog or a similar platform could be created. Youth, the development of GLYNSES is in your hands!
  • Online and in-person training sessions organised by the Lighthouse team and other experts, with the aim to empower the group and provide them with the tools they need. This can be a very enriching opportunity for learning from the interactions with other members.
  • GLYNSES in-person meetings or of one of its regional groups
  • And much more! Online meetings, video statements from members from other regions, collaborative boards, etc.

Download the Questionaire

GLYNSES Questionaire – EN