The Digitale Drehtür aims to give pupils, regardless of their origin, gender and social status, the opportunity to work on topics of their interest during school hours and to develop their potential sustainably, digitally and free of charge. For this purpose, there was a pilot week in January, which the federal states carried out in cooperation with Corona School e.V..

Lighthouse was allowed to offer an interactive 90-minute course on How can you help shape a social and ecological future? for classes 10 – 13.

We would like to thank the organisers and initiators who made this cross-national, cross-curricular pilot week, open to all school levels and types, possible. We would especially like to thank the students who enriched the workshop with their interest and stories, as well as their courage for self-determined and independent learning.


Here you can get an insight into our results:


How do I help shape a sustainable future?

“Make your own furniture from natural materials”

“Charity Gifts for Social Sustainability”

“Buy used technology, e.g. on eBay”


Stories from the virtual narrative spaces: When have you experienced a moment when you knew what was good for you and the environment but were unable to act accordingly due to constraints (internal / external)?


The experiences and findings from the pilot week are currently being processed and analysed, so that we can be curious about how the concept will continue.