La Fresca

The cooperative La Fresca, de Cardedeu, Catalunya, was selected in the Holding the Key 2021 program.

Lighthouse provided financial support for the purchase of the necessary infrastructure for the better functioning of the agroecological store and we carried out a support plan aiming at highlighting the participatory and organizational elements that consolidate the operation and survival of this local initiative. Thanks to the participation of the people of the cooperative, we highlight the community fact as basic for local initiatives of social and ecological incidence.

In the first months of 2022, we are preparing a final event to collect impressions in situ, with the families involved and with other families who are in the process of incorporation. This event will deepen the themes of community dynamization, socio-ecological involvement and political incidence of the cooperative.

At the same time, some agents of the La Fresca network will be interviewed to add the external vision of collaborators and social network.

The collected material forms the basis of information and content for a report and audiovisual proposal for communication and awareness-raising.