Masculinities in construction

Social construction of gender

The mechanisms of social construction of gender, and specifically the construction of hegemonic masculinity, are part of the origin of many of the current challenges we face, from school absenteeism to execution and exposure to violence. Understanding a little more of this complex map can give us the freedom individually and collectively to alter those thoughts or attitudes that limit possibilities for human development. It empowers us as we collectively create knowledge that is useful to ourselves, to our community, and society.

At Lighthouse, we work on gender by focusing on aspects of everyday life, maintaining a global vision of social injustices. We avoid politically correct discourse on gender equity and masculinities. We generate a transformative process, creator of resistances and transgressions that can be the basis of a shared solidarity.

At the center of our projects are those people who are usually only taken into account in research as objects to be analyzed, and not as analyzing/analyzing subjects, searching for unseen ideas and paying attention to what may be hiding the key to brilliant answers to the questions that occupy us.

Lighthouse works on masculinities with different formats that adapt to the characteristics of the groups of participants, their organization and/or the possibilities of dedication.

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