Hecho Buenos Aires

The Hecho Buenos Aires, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Argentina, has been selected for the Holding the Key 2023 support program

Hecho Buenos Aires is a social enterprise, created in 2001. It manages the periodical publication of an independent, non-partisan magazine that disseminates social, ecological, art and cultural issues, with the aim of providing resources to homeless people in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

The magazine published by Hecho Buenos Aires is, therefore, a magazine of general interest, current affairs, social approaches, art and agroecology with the objective of being distributed by homeless people, unemployed people, people who lack opportunities of insertion as a way to generate an income through the sale of the publication.

The source of income is complemented with the sales of an agroecological store called “A cultivar que se acaba el mundo”, which, in addition to serving as a store and point of sale for agroecological products, allows artists linked to Hecho Buenos Aires to exhibit their work in an art gallery.

Hecho Buenos Aires is a laboratory experience of social change, understanding social change as a holistic, integral concept that encompasses not only the decision to offer an alternative economic income to people who are homeless and, therefore, excluded, but the reflection and direct action on a compendium of situations to which these people are subjected by a system that confines an increasing number of people to the street, without work or about to be.

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